Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks To All The Readers!

Rogue's Bane has been live for about a week, and so far I've sold quite a bit more copies than I thought I would in that short time. There's even been a glowing review from Mike Mertes, music producer and creator of Gamer Logic (Check out his website here). In appreciation (and after posting the book to Reddit recently), I'll be adding some additional information on the book's setting this week, namely some full color maps and regional information for anyone interested in more tidbits before the second book comes out. There might even be a short story or two as well, if time allows.

On that note, the second book in the series, "Unearthed Destiny" is merely waiting for the finalized cover and it will be ready for Amazon. Look for it in early July, or check back here for a post when it goes live.

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