Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Month, New Record, New Contest!

Before I get into the fun contest I promised, I want to thank everyone who visits the blog, subscribed to my twitter @Rick_Ferraro, and most of all have bought and enjoyed my books. The month of July saw a little over 10 times as many copies sold for Rogue's Bane alone, with Unearthed Destiny picking up speed as well since it was released this month and folks are finishing up the first book. If you're one of those who just started Rogue's Bane or have finished it and are waiting on Unearthed Destiny, then this contest is for you!

What exactly is the contest for August? Awful Fan Art.
The awards? The top five winners will get a free copy of Unearthed Destiny!

Scanned drawings, mspaint art, photoshop, any medium you want, but it must be pertaining to Rogue's Bane. Feel free to pick a character, a scene, a new cover or anything else but try and make it as wonderfully awful as possible. I'm not just looking for stick figures fighting with each other, but straight up, well-done awful fan art, the goofier the better. Some examples of terrible fan art can be found here

Just submit your own contribution to this blog in the comments ( works well for image hosting, if you don't have your own), by Saturday, August 27 at midnight. I will select the winners by Sunday afternoon, with a new post detailing the winner's names and their art. Good luck everyone, and I hope we get some delightfully terrible submissions!

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