Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Sales, Contests, and Book 3

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Over this past weekend I've sold a few copies of Unearthed Destiny to those who've finished Rogue's Bane (and for those of you with the infamous Kindle-Backlog, it'll be here when you're ready), and I've actually sold a large number of Rogue's Bane as well, almost as much as the entire last month!

In celebration, I'll be holding a contest starting August 1st dealing with the first book, Rogue's Bane, with the prize being free copies of Unearthed Destiny and possibly some other stuff as well. Stay tuned to find out, but suffice to say it will be fun.

Lastly, I've had an few emails coming in excited that the second book was done so fast (really the first and second have been done for awhile in print form, they're just new to Amazon on the Kindle market) and people were wondering how long the third and final book in the trilogy would take. I am still working on the first draft of the third book, having actually just finished a very major, very large chapter that's sitting in the midway point for now. I hope to have the first draft finished by Christmas 2011, with edits and proofing done i time for a Valentine's Day 2012 release.

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